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Carl Hooker has been a part of a strong educational shift with technology integration since becoming an educator. During his 23 years in education he has had a wide range of roles, from teacher to Virtualization Coordinator to Director of Innovation, he’s always had one common belief – the kids need to drive their own learning. He realizes the challenges in our current educational institutions and meets them head on. As Director of Innovation and Digital Learning at Eanes ISD, he has helped spearhead the launch the LEAP program (Learning & Engaging through Access and Personalization), which put one-to-one iPads in the hands of all K-12 students in his 8000-student district. His unique blend of educational background, technical expertise, and humor make him a successful driving force for this change.

Carl has recently authored his 7th book called Ready, Set, FAIL! available for purchase through Amazon. He has also authored a 6-part book series titled Mobile Learning Mindset. These books focus on a different stake-holder and the role they play in a successful mobile learning initiative. Aside from his work as an author and district leader, Carl also works as a keynote speaker and consultant through his company HookerTech, LLC as well as an advisor with multiple ed tech start-up companies. He’s been named Tech & Learning Magazine’s Leader of the Year and is a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2013. He currently is a National Faculty member of Future Ready Schools and is the host of two podcasts: The “Learning Unleashed” podcast and the “UnDisruptED” podcast.

Follow him on twitter @mrhooker and his blog: http://hookedoninnovation.com or reach out to him on his website: http://carlhooker.com

Tyler Trammel has been a Technology Learning coach with Fort Worth ISD for the last four years.  Before that, he taught middle school science as well as spent some time in the coaching ranks and even teaching at the elementary level.  He doesn’t claim to have all the answers but likes to think he knows where to look or at least fake it till he makes it.  Tyler is a human, avid hydrator, fan of space (outer and personal), and strives to pet all the dogs.